Artist Statement


I'm an environmental artist mainly working with recycled materials. I usually work with paper, constructing sculptural pieces from it, printing on it or making books from it. Books feature heavily in my work but I also recycle other discarded materials to form my work, bringing a new life and meaning to them.

My artwork is based on repetition and is inspired by pattern and shape found in nature. I focus most of my attention on environmental issues using my art practice as a platform to reflect my concerns of our consumption and environmental responsibility, often recycling discarded materials to produce a response.

I graduated with a first class BA honours degree in fine art in 2009 and continued to develop my practice on a fellowship program for a further year before working independently as an artist.

I usually exhibit regularly, showing work regionally, nationally and internationally although not so much over the last couple of years!


Please email me if you would like to ask any questions about my work, enquire about purchasing or commissioning artwork, exhibiting opportunities for my work, opportunities for community based projects, group ventures, artists talks, or adult or children's workshops and I'll get back to you quickly as I can.  


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