The Compact Colonies are delivered as 2nd Class Signed For.

The Compact Colonies in this store are unique, each has their own quirks and form. Collectively they make a powerful statement on our environment.

Compact Colonies measurement  approximatly 14cm x 14cm x 8cm each but as each compact colony varies in shape this is just an approximation.


Compact Colonies are inspired by corals, genetically identical polyps that form compact colonies. These corals can be stand alone pieces or can be grouped to form larger installations as shown in the last photographs. They were created to raise awareness of the need to preserve our oceans. Coral reefs are being lost through the stresses of pollution and rising temperatures at an alarming rate. One of our earths natural beauties is in rapid decline.
These recycled sculptures see a single book cut, rolled and reformed into the shape of the polyps. They stand free-form or can be wall mounted on their canvas bases.  Permanent features which aims to capture the beauty of these delicate ecosystems.

Compact Colonies

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