My plastic ivy now comes displayed in frames. These Framed Plastic Ivy pieces are delivered as 2nd Class Signed For.

The outside of the frame measures:

Height: 33 centimetres. Width: 33 centimetres. Depth: 2.5 centimetres

Inspired by English Ivy, this ivy can be found as single lengths of vine under the sculpture section and can be joined together to make garlands, hanging pieces and wrap around decorations.
English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a species of native ivy, a versatile plant, able to cover significant ground, climb and cascade too.

This decorative ivy is a statement on English Ivy, a native & versatile plant which, when introduced to Australia and the U.S. by humans, gained a reputation as an invasive weed. This plant does vast harm to native vegetation, invading forests, salt marshes, woodlands and fields.
Cut from HDPE plastic milk containers, this piece critiques plastic pollution. Effortlessly comparing our modern day impact on the oceans to our past impact on native vegetation.

Framed Plastic Ivy

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