Holly-Wood Cross Sections are delivered as 2nd Class Signed For. 


Holly-Wood Cross Sections are inspired by microscopic patterns in tree cross sections. These are drawn directly onto water-coloured trimmings of Holly wood.
Each set of 5 is completely unique and features individual patterns and colours. The set shown here is the exact set which you'll receive.

The individual pieces that make up the 5 piece sets are between 3cm x 3cm x 3cm and 8cm x 6cm x 3cm approximately

These can be freestanding, stacked, wall mounted or placed in a deep frame. Various colour sets can also be collected to make large wall installations.
Being made from recycled Holly wood produced as a by-product of gardening, these unique pieces serve as a statement on the beauty and detail in nature which escapes the human eye.

Holly-Wood Cross Sections

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