These Plastic Ocean Coral Reef Wall Hangings are delivered as 2nd Class Signed For.

These Plastic Ocean Coral Reef Wall Hangings have been created by recycling plastic bags.

When coral becomes stressed from pollution and rising sea temperatures caused by climate change the algae that gives the coral it's amazing colours is ejected from the corals tissue leaving it prone to disease, taking away its main food source and most noticeably giving it a bleached appearance. The coral can recover from this but if the algae doesn't get reabsorbed fairly soon after expulsion the coral will die.

Plastic waste is having such a detrimental affect on our oceans. Plastics break down into micro plastics which are getting into everything as they are in our water supplies. These Plastic Coral Wall Hangings are based on coral reefs being destroyed.

This Wall Hanging measures approximately 50cm x 42cm x 4cm

Plastic Ocean Coral Reef

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