These Plastic Sea Anemones are delivered as 2nd Class Signed For.

These Plastic Sea Anemones have been created by recycling plastic waste, by reshaping plastic bottles and plastic bags.

They can also be used as light shades by placing the main sea anemones over a LED tea light. Please do not replace the light with a naked flame or any other type of lighting that lets off heat as the plastic will melt and could set alight.

Sea anemones are stressed from pollution and rising sea temperatures caused by climate change and by micro plastics. They lose their colour giving them a bleached appearance.

Plastic waste is having such a detrimental affect on our oceans. Plastics break down into micro plastics which are getting into everything as they are in our water supplies. These Plastic Sea Anemones are based on our oceans being destroyed.

This Sea Anemone measures approximately 32cm x 35cm x 5cm

Sea Anemones

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